Kremenchuk Ukraine Mission

The mission efforts in Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Join Us In The Work!

There are several ways you can financially share in this ministry. All will be greatly appreciated! The sooner that financial pledges are made, the faster the work can move forward.

  • Support from Individuals - allows you to be personally involved in this mission
    • You can make any one-time contributions you wish
    • You can make monthly support, which makes missionary work go and last! All of it makes a difference! Some suggestions:
      • $10 a month – or what works for you!
      • $1 a day – about $30 a month.
      • $2 or more a day – the more is given, the more that can be done!
  • Churches support is like individual support.
    • Some churches will provide monthly committed contributions
    • Some churches prefer to make annual contributions, which is similar to monthly support
    • Some prefer non-monthly support
    • The most stable method to ensure the on-going missionary work is to provide monthly support

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this mission work!