Kremenchuk Ukraine Mission

The mission efforts in Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Multi-Level Evangelism

We will use English to teach the Bible and the Bible to teach English. We will use EEM’s teaching materials that have already been approved by the Ukrainian school system. We will evangelize person to person and group outreaches as well.

We’ll also use friendship and fun to attract and draw people to take a look at Christ.


Over the years, the ability to speak and teach English has been a big draw to reach out to people in Kremenchuk. We will continue to use all the English tools that we can. Some of the things we will do are:

  • Have Bible Clubs where we use English to teach the Bible and the Bible to teach English.
  • We will sing songs in 3 languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian (we have developed our own songbook with several hundred songs in it)
  • We will have English speaking teachers as a part of our work
  • We will reach out to the school systems and Universities to teach in their schools

We have used fun and fellowship as a means to reach out as well.

  • We will host people in our homes for meals, holidays and games
  • We will celebrate both American and Ukrainian holidays
  • We will play American type games like ultimate frisbee and invite friends to join us
  • We will play fun card games like Phase 10, Skipbo and Uno

We will have annual Summer Bible Classes at local schools followed by Summer Bible Camps – possibly at the Black Sea or other locations

We will encourage our Ukrainian Preacher to use and develop outreach that they have learned in their School of Preaching. We want our Ukrainian Brethren to be creative but always Biblical in reaching out.

Nearly 50 Evangelism charts have been developed in both the English and Russian language to use for outreach.

We are always looking for new ways to reach the lost!