Kremenchuk Ukraine Mission

The mission efforts in Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Full-time Ukrainian Preacher

We will be bringing on a preacher/minister/evangelist from one of two church of Christ schools of preaching in Ukraine. We are confident that this man, either single or with a family, will be ready to join the work by January 2019.

When Michael & I are Kremenchuk, he would preach at Sunday services ½ to ¾ of the time in the Russian language. This hasn’t been determined for sure, but it is important for the Ukrainians to hear solid gospel sermons and teachings in their own language. When Americans are not there, he would preach nearly all the time.

He would head up the Evangelism efforts all the time with the non-English speaking outreach efforts. This means not including the English Bible Clubs or other efforts to use English as a method to reach out. He would teach other Christians to teach the lost.

He would be encouraged to spend a lot of time with people of the church to grow a strong bond with them. Like Michael and I, he would use his home with his wife (if married) working as a hospitality outreach.