Kremenchuk Ukraine Mission

The mission efforts in Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Encourage & Mature Local Christians

With my American co-worker and I there most of 12 months out of the year and our Ukrainian preacher full time, we know the Lord will grow our body spiritually and numerically. There are 10-15 Christians with young families that are ready to be part of this work. All ages and people are welcome!

Over the last 10 years that I have been gone full time from Ukraine, many of the young Christians that we taught the Gospel and baptized into Christ have become discouraged with the local church and have left. Most are not attending anywhere else and a few have gone to denominational churches that have not really met their spiritual needs.

As we establish and begin a new Church of Christ in Kremenchuk, we will have 3 teachers/preachers working with the Church throughout the year. We will begin again with basic Christianity and grow from there. The Bible will always be our only source and guide. We want to build a strong New Testament Ukrainian Church of Christ that will build His body as God wants it done.

Several of those that became Christians back in the years of 2002-2008 have moved out of Kremenchuk. There are still 10-15 Christians that live there that have already made the commitment that when a new Church is started that they want to be a part of it! Most of these Christians have married and started new families with one or two children. All the spouses that are not Christians have shown a strong interest in looking to God’s way for their lives. We will have a strong foundation to begin this work!